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ArtistShare Artists Submitted to the 57th Grammy Awards
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We are excited to announce that ArtistShare has submitted its first two BlueNote/ArtistShare artists Fabian Almazan and Jon Cowherd, as well as ArtistShare artist Steve Wiest for consideration in the 57th Grammy Awards.

The BlueNote/ ArtistShare label is a partnership forged by ArtistShare Founder and CEO Brian Camelio, Bruce Lundvall, and Don Was, President of Blue Note Records. Blue Note/ArtistShare is the first collaboration between a crowdfunding model and a major label. Bruce Lundvall (Chairman Emeritus of Blue Note) refers to the collaboration as “key component in the future of the music business”.

BlueNote/ArtistShare has submitted the following records for consideration:

Rhizome – Fabian Almazan

Submitted for the following:
·      Record of the Year

·      Album of the Year

·      Improvised Jazz Solo (Fabian Almazan – Hacie el Aire)
·      Latin Jazz Album

·      Instrumental Composition (Rhizome)
·      Arrangement, instrumental or A Cappella (The Elders) 

·      Engineered Album, Non-Classical

Fabian Almazan’s Rhizome is the first record to be featured on the new BlueNote/ArtistShare record label. Rhizome features Almazan’s Spanish lyrics and music inspired by his native Cuba. Click here to check out this project!

Mercy – Jon Cowherd, Bill Frisell, Brian Blade and John Patitucci

Submitted for the following:
·      Best New Artist

·      Improvised Jazz Solo (Bill Frisell on Mercy Suite (Part One))
·      Jazz Instrumental Album
·      Instrumental Composition (Four Rivers)

Jon Cowherd's Mercy, also part of the new BlueNote/ArtistShare label, features his original compositions and one-of-a-kind musicians Brian Blade, drums; Bill Frisell, guitar; and John Patitucci, bass. The album showcases the unique lessons Jon has learned from working with different ensembles over the years. Click here to check out this project!

ArtistShare has submitted the following records for consideration:

Concerto For Folded Space – Steve Wiest featuring Bob Mintzer

·      Submitted for the following:
·      Improvised Jazz Solo (Bob Mintzer – EBE Bop)
·      Large Jazz Ensemble Album

·      Instrumental Composition (The Neither Zone)
·      Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals (Step Aside)

Steve Wiest’s Concerto for Folded Space features an eclectic combination of trombones, flutes, and guitars with a tasteful blend of hard-hitting, classic orchestration and driving funk-rock grooves gives this 80’s style fusion an attitude of its own. The band features guests including Bob Mintzer, James Pankow and Arlington Jones. Click here to check out this project!

Update // The Thompson Fields
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"The Thompson Fields" is composer/arranger (and multi GRAMMY Award-winner!) Maria Schneider's latest ArtistShare® project. We're thrilled to share the exciting news with you. Maria is currently in the process of mixing the recording and is exclusively sharing videos of rehearsals and interviews with members of her orchestra.

Many thanks to the wonderful people who have already joined Maria's "The Thompson Fields" project! Learn more about the project here.

ArtistShare® Gold Participants:
Justin Freed
David Komar

ArtistShare® Silver Participants:
Bill & Carol Bloemer
Eugene Malinowski
Paul & Kathy Kaleta
Joshua & Amy Boger
Joseph & Margaret Koerner

ArtistShare® Bronze Participants:
Martin Messinger
Paul James
Gabrial Penna
Ed Dix
Marc Kaban
Richard M. DiAndrea II
Cindy (Miller) Johnson
Evilasio Silva
Masamichi Konoe
Alan Drabkin & Rose Goldman

Koppel/Colley/Blade Collective on Tour
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The Koppel/Colley/Blade Collective’s recent tour throughout Europe was fantastic. Here are some great photos of the band hanging out! They look like they are having a blast.

Click here to participate in this exciting project today and watch the Koppel/Colley/Blade Collective bring their spontaneous music to life.

ArtistShare Founder and CEO to Speak at George Mason University's Intellectual Property Conference
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ArtistShare founder and CEO, Brian Camelio, will be speaking at George Mason University’s Center For The Protection of Intellectual Property (CPIP) conference, Common Ground: How Intellectual Property Unites Creators and Innovators, on October 10th 2014. This conference will take a look at the connection between the creative and innovative industries, and their importance in the United States Economy.

Some believe that creative rights are inhibitors to innovation and growth; that the future of innovation is reliant on open access to all information. However, this conference will take a closer look at how creators and innovators are related and why intellectual property rights are vital to protecting these industries’ investments and future innovation.

Camelio will be part of the panel entitled Creative Upstarts and Start-Up Firms: Sources of New Innovation and Creative Works. As the founder of ArtistShare, Camelio has been working to protect artists’ creative rights for many years. With ArtistShare, musicians, for example, are able to keep the rights to music they create, something that many major record labels would not allow until recently. Through ArtistShare, creative artists not only have a business model which allows compensation before a work is released (and potentially shared digitally) but a complex set of tools to execute and manage creative projects. The launch of ArtistShare in 2003 has since paved the way for “crowdfunding” sites such as Kickstarter and Indie-GoGo. Camelio, in his own capacity as an inventor holds US patent 7,885,887 (filed in 2002 and issued in 2011) which describes his detailed system for creative artists to build and present creative projects for funding through a network. He will also be discussing the importance of patent protection for young inventors and how IP protection allows creators to take bold risks in order to innovate and realize their dreams.

Brian Camelio, ArtistShare Founder and CEO
Ron Katznelson, President, Bi-Level Technologies
Prof. Sean O’Connor, University of Washington School of Law
Prof. Sean Pager, Michigan State University School of Law
Moderator: Matthew Barblan, George Mason University School of Law

October 10, 2014 Panel 5: 9:15 – 10:45 AM

Founders Hall Auditorium at George Mason University School of Law 3301 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, Virginia 22201


Koppel, Colley, Blade Collective: Exploring Musical Landscapes
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Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 3.31.12 PM

With their debut studio album underway, we are proud to welcome the Koppel, Colley, Blade Collective. The group is comprised of Benjamin Koppel on saxophone, Scott Colley on bass, and Brian Blade on drums. These remarkable musicians have appeared on dozens of albums as leaders and sidemen. However, this is the first time that we will be able to hear their innovative musical landscapes in high-definition stereo.

The album will illustrate the relationship of sound and vision in a beautiful way. The compositions will capture the essence of different physical landscapes that the band holds dear: creating musical shapes, colors, textures, and forms inspired by the musicians' travels. The music will continue grow and evolve as they explore the European landscapes during their
current tour.

Even though the band has already embarked, the ArtistShare journey has just begun! You have the chance to be a part of the stories and scenery that will go into making of this album. There will be answers for any and all of your questions, as well as an intimate relationship with the musicians that comes only from ArtistShare.
Receive prominent crediting on the album, a composition dedicated to YOU, or even dinner and a private concert from the musicians!

We can't wait for you to be a part of this unforgettable experience. Click here to learn more about the project and how you can help to make it happen.

Written by Philip Engsberg

The Thompson Fields: Maria's Home Away From Home
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Maria Banner

We are so excited to announce the latest project from the three-time GRAMMY winning Maria Schneider Orchestra. It has been seven years since the band has recorded together and they are ready to give you an experience of a lifetime! The Thompson Fields, her eighth album as a leader, will be a culmination of her musical career, her connection with her musicians & fans, and her roots in Windom, Minnesota.

The music, as always, will come straight from the hearts and minds of Maria and her fellow musicians. In ArtistShare fashion, you will get to see and hear the sights and sounds that will go into the making of this album. You can share in the rehearsals, the magic moments, and the stories from the band’s life on the road.

There are already plenty of ways that you can contribute to this great work of art! Maria has included additional levels of participation that are especially tailored for jazz improvisers, and her close friends. We whole-heartedly welcome your support for Maria, her musicians, and all things ArtistShare.

This album is going to be wonderfully unique, as three pieces have been commissioned DIRECTLY from ArtistShare Participants!

The ArtistShare Commission Project (2009) - The Thompson Fields
Commissioned by Christophe Asselineau

Spring 2010 ArtistShare Commission Project - Lembrança
Commissioned by: Bill & Carol Bloemer, Justin Freed, Paul James, and Little Johnny Koerber

Spring 2012 ArtistShare Commission Project - Arbiters of Evolution and Home
Commissioned by: Bill & Carol Bloemer, Justin Freed, Paul James, and John Koerber

The music has been written. The recording dates have been set. All that is left is the most important part of the project: You.

Click to browse the participant offers, and take part in creating some of today's most outstanding music.

Written by Philip Engsberg

Steve Wiest: Concerto for Folded Space Pre-Release!
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Steve Weist 3

With the album release only weeks away, we would like to give a preview into what is on the horizon! Steve Wiest has pre-released selections from his newest album “Concerto for Folded Space.” This beautifully modern music is available to ALL participants in Steve’s current project.

The album features an eclectic combination of trombones, flutes, and guitars to take the listener on a journey based around Steve’s new science-fiction book, “The Dover Stone.” A tasteful blend of hard-hitting, classic orchestration and driving funk-rock grooves gives this 80’s style fusion an attitude of its own.

Steve has made his music available on both his ArtistShare page and SoundCloud. Take a tour of the great unknown and get ready for the upcoming album release!

We would like to thank ArtistShare® Bronze participants Robert Wendland, Joe Merritt, Pete Kamp, Paris Rutherford, Scott Hastings, John Roesch, Dean Barker, Adam Waddell, Jack & Anne Gauer for their gracious support in helping bring this album to life.

Click here to begin the adventure of the "Concerto for Folded Space"

Written by Philip Engsberg

15 DAYS LEFT: The Spanish Harlem Orchestra Project
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15 days left to join Spanish Harlem Orchestra's ArtistShare project as a premium participant! With featured guests Joe Lovano and Chick Corea, the GRAMMY Award winning 13-piece ensemble continues to explore traditions of Jazz, Salsa, and the many other styles of Latin America.

With musical direction from renowned pianist Oscar Hernandez, the band continues their legacy of traditional latin music. They strive to create beautiful music that is steeped in history and tradition while sharing the integrity of the SHO members who help to create it. They are currently in the final stages of their final project that is to be released on September 15, 2014.

If you thought you had missed out on a chance to connect with the band, there is still time! SHO would like to invite you to be a part of their project. Participation is still open for ArtistShare Bronze through ArtistShare Executive Producer. Receive credit listing on the finished album, access to personalized videos, a year of VIP access to all performances, and original scores from the recording session. You can even go as far as sponsoring a SHO concert at a local school.

Click here to jump into the world of Spanish Harlem Orchestra.


Written by Philip Engsberg.

Just Launched: Spanish Harlem Orchestra ArtistShare Project!
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Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! We're thrilled to announce the launch of Spanish Harlem Orchestra's debut ArtistShare project, "Spanish Harlem Orchestra," which also just so happens to feature legendary jazz musicians Chick Corea and Joe Lovano as guest artists. Spanish Harlem Orchestra (SHO) is a two-time GRAMMY Award-winning salsa and latin jazz band based in New York City.

SHO's music is heavily rooted in history and tradition, and this project hones in on these aspects deeply. For SHO fans/participants, this is an amazing way to learn about the legacy and culture of authentic latin jazz music - an experience like no other. Want to meet members of the orchestra? Sponsor a SHO concert at a school to carry on the history and tradition of latin jazz music? Go to all their concerts as a VIP guest for a whole year? Well now you can. Join their project today!

Robin Eubanks: "Klassik Rock Vol. 1" Now Available!
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Trombonist Robin Eubanks' latest fan-funded ArtistShare album "Klassik Rock: Vol. 1" is now available! Robin's debut project is full of original compositions as well as classic rock and funk tunes by Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Sly Stone! Robin would especially like to thank his ArtistShare Bronze Participants Jeffrey Thomas and Don Jones for helping bring this project to life.

You can order "Klassik Rock: Vol. 1" here.