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15 DAYS LEFT: The Spanish Harlem Orchestra Project
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15 days left to join Spanish Harlem Orchestra's ArtistShare project as a premium participant! With featured guests Joe Lovano and Chick Corea, the GRAMMY Award winning 13-piece ensemble continues to explore traditions of Jazz, Salsa, and the many other styles of Latin America.

With musical direction from renowned pianist Oscar Hernandez, the band continues their legacy of traditional latin music. They strive to create beautiful music that is steeped in history and tradition while sharing the integrity of the SHO members who help to create it. They are currently in the final stages of their final project that is to be released on September 15, 2014.

If you thought you had missed out on a chance to connect with the band, there is still time! SHO would like to invite you to be a part of their project. Participation is still open for ArtistShare Bronze through ArtistShare Executive Producer. Receive credit listing on the finished album, access to personalized videos, a year of VIP access to all performances, and original scores from the recording session. You can even go as far as sponsoring a SHO concert at a local school.

Click here to jump into the world of Spanish Harlem Orchestra.


Written by Philip Engsberg.

Just Launched: Spanish Harlem Orchestra ArtistShare Project!
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Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! We're thrilled to announce the launch of Spanish Harlem Orchestra's debut ArtistShare project, "Spanish Harlem Orchestra," which also just so happens to feature legendary jazz musicians Chick Corea and Joe Lovano as guest artists. Spanish Harlem Orchestra (SHO) is a two-time GRAMMY Award-winning salsa and latin jazz band based in New York City.

SHO's music is heavily rooted in history and tradition, and this project hones in on these aspects deeply. For SHO fans/participants, this is an amazing way to learn about the legacy and culture of authentic latin jazz music - an experience like no other. Want to meet members of the orchestra? Sponsor a SHO concert at a school to carry on the history and tradition of latin jazz music? Go to all their concerts as a VIP guest for a whole year? Well now you can. Join their project today!

Robin Eubanks: "Klassik Rock Vol. 1" Now Available!
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Trombonist Robin Eubanks' latest fan-funded ArtistShare album "Klassik Rock: Vol. 1" is now available! Robin's debut project is full of original compositions as well as classic rock and funk tunes by Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Sly Stone! Robin would especially like to thank his ArtistShare Bronze Participants Jeffrey Thomas and Don Jones for helping bring this project to life.

You can order "Klassik Rock: Vol. 1" here.

Recap: Gil Evans Project @ Jazz Standard, NYC
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The Gil Evans Project at Jazz Standard a couple weeks ago was quite a magnificent experience. Directed by Ryan Truesdell, the GRAMMY Award-Winning Gil Evans Project consists of incredible top notch jazz musicians, creating an extraordinarily powerful group as a whole. Each night was filled with nothing but true, pure Gil Evans love. Previously unrecorded, unheard Gil Evans music. The entire week was recorded live and will be released on ArtistShare.

Here's the exciting part: you can help this project come to life by becoming a participant! In other words, you can stay up to date on the project, access behind-the-scenes content, and so much more -- all while supporting this project and guaranteeing it's success! More information here.

Legendary vocalist Helen Merrill and jazz saxophonist Lee Konitz attended the show.

Lee Konitz & Ryan Truesdell

Photos courtesy of Tak Tokiwa.

Gil Evans Project: LIVE in NYC at The Jazz Standard This Week!
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This week some very exciting things are happening! The GRAMMY Award-Winning Gil Evans Project, led by Ryan Truesdell, will be back for their annual week long engagement at the Jazz Standard from May 13 - 18. (May 13th also happens to be Gil's Birthday!) They will be performing previously unheard/unrecorded Gil Evans music LIVE every night for their sophomore album.

It gets even better - The Gil Evans Project: LIVE in NYC is also a current project on the Blue Note/ArtistShare label! This means that fans can participate in this project here to access exclusive behind-the-scenes privileges that range anywhere from receiving autographed CDs to having your name on the album, designing the artwork, and having dinner with Ryan Truesdell himself.

This event has been featured in the NY Times and listed in the Village Voice as one of the "10 Best Jazz Shows in NYC This Month"! This will be an unforgettable event with sensational music.  We hope to see you there!

The Gil Evans Project, Conducted by Ryan Truesdell

Sets at 7:30 & 9:30pm, Additional 11:30 sets on Friday & Saturday.

May 13 - 15 // Music for Claude Thornhill

May 16 - 18 // "New Bottle Old Wine" & "Individualism of Gil Evans"

Jazz Standard: 116 E 27 St. New York, NY 10016

Music Charge: $30, NO Food/Drink Minimum


Jim Hall's Memorial at Blue Note
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Thank you to everyone who attended Jim Hall's Memorial Tribute at the Blue Note. It was a beautiful celebration of Jim's life and music, which will forever touch and inspire the lives of countless others.

Photographer Tak Tokiwa captured quite a few magical moments.

We picked out a few of our favorites for you:

"Playing For Jim Hall" - Blue Note NYC

Bill Charlap, Satoshi Inoue, Joey Baron, Scott Colley

Bill Frisell & Chris Potter

Brian Camelio, Bill Frisell, Chris Potter, Joey Baron, Scott Colley, & Julian Lage

ArtistShare Feature in Jazz Life Japan
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Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 15.19.45

We're so excited to share that ArtistShare is featured in Jazz Life Japan's May Issue! ArtistShare Founder/CEO Brian Camelio is interviewed along with a brief overview of ArtistShare artists and select discography. We'd love for all of our fans in Japan to check it out!

ArtistShare Founder Brian Camelio Interviewed by Jana Dagdagan
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JD: What were your influences and inspirations when creating ArtistShare?

BC: Even though there was nothing like it at the time, the need was still there. Artists really needed a way to directly connect with their fans - something where there wasn't a gatekeeper. At that time, record labels were really in control and it was a mystery how to get your music out there.

How do you promote yourself? The only real way to do it at that time was to tour. There were very few "indie" artists. It was mostly major labels that had control of everything so the need for that was there when the major labels started to falter a little bit. People were starting to trade things online and they were starting to lose money from it. From my perspective, they started to panic, mistreat artists, and grab ahold of what they could.

And not all labels are -- I owe a lot to record labels because they provided all this music that I listened to when I was growing up. They did a huge service but technology came along and ended up rendering them obsolete. I was just there at a time when I saw an opportunity to take advantage of that technology that was kind of hurting record labels and leveraging it to the artists' favor.

JD: How did you come up with the concept of ArtistShare participant offers?

BC: I remember sitting around in my apartment and thinking about my favorite people, my favorite artists, and what I would like to see. Any time I had any sort of question, I'd just put myself in the position of being a fan. I'm a huge fan of music. One of my favorite people of all time is Milton Nascimento.

So I'd picture him writing a song, working on lyrics, or working on a melody - whatever he'd be doing. I'd picture what it'd be like to be in the room with him and then taking that concept (what got me excited) and transferring it to the Internet. How would we present that over the Internet?

At the time, there was very little video - it was about the size of a postage stamp. But at the time, I decided a video would be a good way to do it anyway - even if it was just a little, tiny picture. Photos, audio, written examples - all posted, just to provide that 360 degree coverage of what was going on during that creative process. Those are the kinds of things that excited me, so I started to think that various levels of participation could get various levels of access. That's really how I came up with the idea of participant offers. It's just from a fan's point of view. What would I like to see?

JD: Where do you see ArtistShare in the future?

BC: You know, I think I see it in the same way I saw it when I was first developing it. We're going to see new technology come along, we're going to take advantage of that technology, and we're going to preserve the essence of ArtistShare which is that connection between the artist and the fan. I'm very excited to see how technology is going to progress to further help us with our mission of making that connection between the artist and the fan. How we're going to relate the creative process to the fan. How the creative process is going to change due to certain technologies. How artists are going to creatively use technology to create their art and communicate with their fans. I see ArtistShare as essentially the same thing but more technologically advanced.

JD: After 10 years, what is your current role in ArtistShare?

BC: Everything. I make executive decisions, I work on projects, I do programming, I empty the trash, I do shipping. I have my hand in just about everything. Of course I have people to help me, but I like to keep my hand in everything in the day-to-day. It makes me feel involved and I really know every aspect in the business.

JD: Is there a specific artist that you'd like to work with?

BC: Yeah, I would love to work with the Foo Fighters. I love that band. I'd love to work with Milton Nascimento, we haven't worked with him yet. Definitely would love to work with him.

There're some other artists out there. There's a young singer-songwriter from Canada named Ariana Gillis who I think is just amazing and I think we will be working with her. She's fantastic.

You know, I'm open to anything. Anyone whose passion is a creative process. Anybody who is really focused on their fan base and communicating with their fans - those are the type of people I want to work with. People whose art is more important than commerce.

JD: Happiest moment at ArtistShare?

BC: It still is when our first project won a GRAMMY award: Concert in the Garden - Maria Schneider. That definitely was one of my happiest moments. (2005)

JD: Most memorable fan encounter?

BC: Whenever I'm out somewhere and somebody recognizes me. They come up and they say "I really appreciate what you did, what you're doing." I can tell that they appreciate the connection that they're able to have with the artist through ArtistShare. That makes me feel really good because that was my whole point of starting this - to create something where it'd be a community of people, where the fans would have direct access to the artist and vice versa. And personally, that's been one of the most enriching parts of my life is having that kind of direct access to these artists and to know that I enabled that for somebody else - that's huge for me.

You know, back to the GRAMMY Award for the first ArtistShare release.. I was getting emails saying "We did it!" So the fans - some of these people were writing and it felt like such a team effort. That people were coming out and saying that was a great moment for me.  It's true, I honestly believe that the fan is equally important to the artist. The listener is equally important to the performer. There's no hierarchy there. You can't have one without the other. And the fact that the fans would feel that good and important. That was a great moment as well.

JD: Saddest moment at ArtistShare?

BC: Well I've had a lot of sad moments 'cause we've lost a few great artists over the years. But definitely when we lost Jim Hall in December 10, 2013. He was one of my closest friends, I produced his last 6 albums, we toured together, performed together, spent a lot of time together over the last 20 years. He was one of my favorite artists of all time but also definitely one of my favorite ArtistShare artists. That was a sad day.

JD: Where do you see the music business in the future?

BC: The music business isn't really going to change. There's always going to be fans, there's always going to be artists making music. The way that people experience that is going to change. I'm not sure if that constitutes the music business. But the more things change, the more they stay the same. The most important thing for a fan is to be able to listen to the music, have artists make great music, and have direct contact with them - whether it be in person or over the internet. Artists need support from fans. In order to do what they do, they need to make money. So it's going to be the same as it is today.

What it's going to boil down to is the relationship between the artist and the fan. That is the music business -- it's always been the music business. Technology has changed, it's allowed certain people to hold certain positions of power or regulation, but what I love about the internet and technology is that it's completely demolished that at this point. There are some companies coming along that are trying to reestablish that type of power, that gatekeeper go between type of thing. But I don't think they're going to last, I don't think that's going to work. Genie's already out of the bottle here, people know how to connect with each other and I don't think the music industry itself will ever be the same. I think it's going back to it's roots - which is the original one person sitting in front of another person while that person performs music for them. That's the essence of the music business.

JD: How did Blue Note/ArtistShare originate?

BC: Blue Note/ArtistShare was great. A few years back, there was a student at The New School (Talia Billig) who was doing her term paper on a comparison of Bruce Lundvall and myself. Bruce Lundvall being the "old school" and me being the "new school". She was conducting interviews back and forth and Bruce and I actually started sending questions to each other through this person and we got to know each other. I always had tremendous respect for Bruce. Bruce didn't really know who I was but he was very curious about what I was doing. Once we got to know each other, Bruce really saw the value in AS and wanted to incorporate that with Blue Note to try to keep up with the times and move things forward, just to explore how this could benefit Blue Note.

So it worked out to be a relationship where we have a joint label called Blue Note/ArtistShare where either ArtistShare or Blue Note can propose an artist. We both agree on it and put them through the ArtistShare system. Blue Note provides support and publicity, and ArtistShare does the fan-funded campaigns and distribution. Blue Note will have the option to (at the artists's discretion) to sign the artist to a Blue Note record deal at the end of it. And it's kind of a very innovative first step and I really gotta give it up to Bruce for really pushing that, really seeing that. I think that Blue Note is an amazing company, amazing brand, a lot of history. They've got so much to give as far as being able to get artists out there onto the map. ArtistShare, I'd like to think, is one of the best mechanisms for artists to be able to connect with their fans and be able to fund their projects. So it's the perfect marriage between two companies.

Read more about Blue Note/ArtistShare here.

JD: You, Willie Nelson, & Bruce Lundvall. How did this happen?

BC: Me, Bruce, and Willie. A couple of years ago, we were doing a book through author Dan Oulette - a fan-funded project, Bruce's biography. We took a trip up to New Jersey where Willie was playing at a theater up there. We met Willie on his bus, we hung for the afternoon, interviewed him for the book, went to the show afterwards and Willie sat us right at the side of the stage. It was a great, amazing day.

JD: Any last words?

BC: When I first started ArtistShare, I only had a little bit of money in the bank to support myself, I had an idea that I thought would work because the thought of it really excited me. The thought of being able to access this creative process over the Internet and to create a mechanism for artists to fund their projects really excited me, and I had no idea whether it was going to work. Once I put it up and people started doing it, what an amazing feeling that was.

And to this day, I'm so incredibly thankful to the fans who participate in these projects. We definitely don't take it for granted.  Neither the people at ArtistShare nor the artists. It's a great privilege to be able to present this to you and we know it's a leap of faith to go and support a project that you haven't heard year or contribute to a project of an artist that you don't know very well - or if you do know them, you're not sure what they're going to be doing for that project. We just have a huge amount of gratitude for all the ArtistShare participants and I do my best to thank each and every one of you.

Interview by Jana Dagdagan

"PLAYING FOR JIM HALL" - Jim Hall Memorial
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Program to Feature Bill Frisell, Julian Lage, Scott Colley, Joey Baron and Friends

Programmed in Conjunction With The Hall Family and Friends

Guests to Include Greg Osby, Chris Potter, Larry Goldings, Bill Stewart, Russell Malone, Adam Rogers, Bill Charlap, Gil Goldstein, and Lewis Nash, Among Others

New York, NY - March 18, 2014 - Blue Note Jazz Club is proud to present "Playing for Jim Hall," the official memorial tribute celebrating the life and music of legendary guitarist/NEA Jazz Master Jim Hall, on Friday, April 18 through Sunday, April 20, 2014, with shows at 8pm & 10:30pm nightly. The tribute was programmed in conjunction with the Hall Family (Jane, Hall's wife, and Devra, Hall's daughter and manager) and friends.

The engagement will feature bassist Scott Colley and drummer Joey Baron (members of Hall's last trio) throughout the entire engagement, with various guests. Guitarists Bill Frisell and Julian Lage, both of whom were directly influenced by and collaborated with Jim Hall, will appear on April 18 & 19.Other guests include: saxophonist Greg Osby and guitarist/vocalist Kate Schutt on April 18; saxophonist Chris Potter, keyboardist Larry Goldings, guitarist Brian Camelio, drummers Bill Stewart and Lewis Nash, and bassist Steve Laspina on April 19; and guitarists Russell Malone, Adam Rogers, John Pondel, and Satoshi Inoue with pianists Bill Charlap and Gil Goldstein on April 20, among other surprise guests.

On April 17-22, 2012, exactly two years prior to this memorial program, Jim Hall completed what would ultimately become his last Blue Note engagement (joined by Colley & Baron, and Lage as a special guest). As arrangements were being finalized for Hall's return to Blue Note during the April 18-20 timeframe, news of his December 10, 2013 passing broke. With the dates on hold and his band already in place, the engagement naturally evolved into a memorial program to celebrate Hall's life and music.

"Everyone I know, and thousands I have never met, from all over the world, loved Jim. But I was lucky to share life with him for 50 years," says Jane Hall, Jim's wife. "I got to see his gentle way, his kindness and generosity and sense of humor up close and personal. His legacy is his music which came from the biggest heart ever. Joey, Scott, Bill, and Julian along with every musician invited to play this weekend held a special place in his heart and I think his influence on all musicians who knew him or heard him will be everlasting. Special thanks to Satoshi Inoe who flew here from Tokyo, and to Brian Camelio who recorded and traveled with him these past few years,  to Steve LaSpina, one of his two favorite bass players, and to all of you helping celebrate Jim's life."

"Jim was one of the warmest, funniest and most profoundly talented people I have ever met," reflects Brian Camelio (Hall's friend and Founder/CEO of ArtistShare, Hall's recording platform). "He was also one of my closest friends. It was one of the great privileges of my life to have known him."


Guitar legend Jim Hall was a major figure in the jazz world for over six decades. His signature hollow-body jazz guitar sound, rhythmic subtlety and empathetic accompaniment style made instant classics of his recordings with fellow jazz legends Sonny Rollins, Chico Hamilton, Bill Evans, Jimmy Giuffre, Ron Carter and Paul Desmond. A perennial favorite among fellow guitarists, Hall had the dual distinction of strongly influencing as well as sometimes collaborating with the most recognizable guitarists in jazz including Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell, John Abercrombie, John Scofield and Mike Stern. The New Yorker called Jim Hall, "the reigning master of the jazz guitar... a poetic player who says more with fewer notes than any living improviser." For more information on Jim Hall, please visit:


Music Charge: $20 - Bar, $35 - Table

8:00PM & 10:30PM shows

Doors open at 6:00pm. $5 minimum.

Location: 131 W. 3rd Street, between 6th Ave and MacDougal St., New York City.

Tickets/Reservations: Call 212-475-8592 or visit


Blue Note Jazz Club, based in the heart of Greenwich Village, is a New York City cultural institution and one of the premier jazz clubs in the world. Jazz is undoubtedly America's music, and while Blue Note strives to celebrate the music's great history, the club is a place where progression and innovation - the foundation of jazz - are encouraged and practiced on a nightly basis. Blue Note is open for concerts 365 days a year.

For all media inquiries, please contact:

Jordy Freed, Director of Marketing & Publicity


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Ute Lemper is a GRAMMY Award winning vocalist and prolific actress with an impressive wide array of talents. She has made her mark internationally on stage, in films, in concerts, and as a unique recording artist. Lemper is especially regarded for her interpretations of Kurt Weill, Berthold Brecht, and the French Chanson Book. Her incredible versatility and depth of experience has allowed her to tap into multiple realms of inspiration, which holds true in her ArtistShare® fan-funded Neruda Project.

For the Neruda Project, Lemper composed and recorded a song cycle to the love poems of Chilean Nobel Prize-Winning Poet Pablo Neruda. She focuses on Neruda’s heart-warming poems that he wrote on the Chilean Isla Negra after years in exile. The Neruda Project is a compelling collection of works as it encapsulates both audio and visual creative dimensions. The project includes both the US version of Lemper’s CD Forever: The Love Poems of Pablo Neruda as well as an exceptional live video performance. The result is a delicate, beautiful songbook filled with compelling, evocative works. The Neruda Project is presented mainly in Spanish with additional adaptations in French and English.

The Neruda Project is very special as it marks Lemper’s first ArtistShare® fan-funded project. Through ArtistShare®, Lemper will be documenting and sharing her artistic process with fans all over the world. Fans can join Lemper by participating in the Neruda Project and receive unique experiences in return. Experiences include personal Skype calls with Lemper to discuss the poetry of Pablo Neruda, receiving prominent credit listing on Lemper’s CD Forever: The Love Poems of Pablo Neruda, private concerts, and much more.

Brian Camelio, founder and CEO of ArtistShare® says “Ute has an incredible artistic vision, and it’s been lovely working with her. I’m honored to have her as an ArtistShare artist.” ArtistShare®, created by Brian Camelio in 2000, was the Internet’s first fan-funding platform, predating and pioneering the current crowdfunding movement.

Ute Lemper’s Neruda Project Homepage can be found online here: