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World Music Guitar Heroes: Alex Skolnick with Rodrigo y Gabriela on Planetary Coaltion
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Rodrigo y Gabriela have developed completely unique sound. The fleet-fingered guitar duo have been playing for over two decades and continue to develop music that transcends labels. Over the years they have taken inspiration from their travels, starting in their 20’s when Rodrigo Sancehz and Grabriela Quintero met in Mexico City playing metal music to when they traveled with their acoustic guitars across the world to Dublin, the “street musician capitol” of the world. Growing up playing music by their metal heroes, they are now called upon by metal guitar masters like Grammy Award winning shredder, Marty Friedman, to add their unique acoustic twist to the mix.

They are a perfect match in Alex Skolnick’s Planetary Coalition. In Alex’s own words, the project is “An ethnically flavored collective of musicians from all over the world, driven by acoustic guitar and bringing together inspirational melodies, in-depth improvisation and the passion of the musical styles of Gypsy, Middle Eastern, Indian, Latin, East Asian, Mediterranean, Balkan/Eastern European, African and other indigenous lands.”Rodrigo y Gabriela first met Alex Skolnick when they were on the road. Alex jammed with the duo frequently and they made plans to collaborate, leading to Rodrigo y Gabriela’s 2009 album, 11:11. The track, “Atman” features blistering solos and helped to further develop a wonderful relationship between these tremendous guitar players. Rodrigo remembers, “It was an unforgettable session, and he played an amazing solo.”

Over the years, Rodrigo y Gabriela and Alex stayed in touch. When ideas for Alex’s first acoustic world music collaboration were in the works, Rodrigo y Gabriela were an obvious choice. On Planetary Coalition, “Playa La Ropa” features Rodrigo y Gabriela navigating Alex’s rhythmically driven and snaky melodic lines. The track is propelled forward with textures from Gabriela’s fiery rhythmic approach and climaxes with an epic guitar duel between Alex and Rodrigo, resulting in some of the best guitar playing on record.

Check out Rodrigo y Gabriela and the other artists on Planetary Coalition here:

Alex Skolnick's Planetary Coalition has been submitted for consideration in the 58th Grammy Awards. Find out about all the ArtistShare artists submitted here:

The Clayton Brothers Invite You to Name Their New Tune
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A Special Message From John:
"Participants! We are inviting you to help us name our new song. Login to learn how you can send your submissions by September 30, and we will let everyone know which one we pick. "

The Clayton Brothers, are excited to be sharing their newest project, Soul Brothers: Saturday Night Special with you. The band wants participants to feel like they are apart of the family and love sharing how much fun they are having, making this recording for you.

If you have not yet participated, there is still time to join in on the fun and be a part of the creative process here.

We thank all of you who have supported the Clayton Brothers projects over the years and are looking forward to sharing the newest experiences with you.

New Koppel +Colley + Blade Collective Album For Consideration in the 58th Grammy Awards
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We have submitted the exciting new collaboration between saxophonist Benjamin Koppel, bassist Scott Colley, and drummer Brian Blade to the 58th Grammy Awards for consideration.

This newly formed chord-less trio features new compositions directly inspired by personal landscapes as well as physical landscapes from touring.  When listening to this recording, you can hear these master musicians using sonic shapes to create images in our minds. The album also features a fantastic arrangement from Brian Blade of the traditional song, Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair (made famous by Nina Simone).

The album is extremely unique and exemplifies the personalities of each of the musicians. Participate in the Koppel + Colley + Blade Collective on ArtistShare to gain exclusive access to their creative process for creating this record.

Titanes Del Trombon from Grammy Award Winner, Doug Beavers, For Consideration in 58th Grammy Awards
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We have submitted Titanes del Trombón, by Grammy Award winning trombonist, Doug Beavers, for consideration in the 58th Grammy Awards for the following:

Best Album
Best Latin Jazz
Best Arranging
Best Engineer

This album is a quintessential example of the sophistication that Doug has developed as a performer, arranger, and producer. For Titanes del Trombón, Doug teamed up with an all star-cast including Oscar Hernández, Dafnis Prieto, Luisito Guintero, Edsel Gomez, Eddie Montalvo, and many other amazing musicians.

Shortly after its release, notable Latin Jazz, Salsa, and Latin music publications have called it one of the best releases of the year. The album is packed with over a dozen compositions and arrangements from Doug performed by his large Titanes del Trombon ensemble. Not only does the album pay homage to great trombonists of jazz and Latin music idioms, but these arrangements also get you moving and dancing.  The album is truly a marriage between the lush Gil Evans-esque arranging styles with some of the best rhythmic feels of mambo, guaguanco, bata, bossa nova, samba, and Latin jazz.

Participants in the Titanes del Trombón project get to see how Doug put this project together.

The Parlor Series Vol. II – John Clayton with Hank Jones For Consideration in the 58th Grammy Awards
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It is an honor to submit The Parlor Series Vol. II by John Clayton and Hank Jones for consideration in the 58th Grammy Awards. This recording is an important document of the creativity that the late pianist, Hank Jones, embodied and his generous spirit. Participants of this fan-funded recording are able to access interviews with John Clayton on how this project came to life and thoughts from the musicians who knew and were inspired by him.

We have submitted The Parlor Series Vol. II as a historic recording. The album documents the connection between bassist, John Clayton, and one of his musical mentors, Hank Jones. John had expressed his love for the albums that Charlie Haden made with Hank Jones doing Negro spirituals. Not long after, Hank wanted to perform a similar project with John, making this album a dream come true.

ArtistShare Submits Alex Skolnick’s Planetary Coalition For Consideration In Grammy Awards
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We have submitted Alex Skolnick’s first ArtistShare fan-funded recording for consideration in the 58th Grammy Awards for the following:

Best Solo  (Alex Skolnick – Playa La Ropa)
Best World Music Recording
Best Musical Composition (Salto)
Best Arrangement (Alla La K’e)

Not only is this Alex Skolnick’s first ArtistShare project to be submitted to the Grammy Awards, but this is Alex’s first world music and what he calls a “long overdue acoustic guitar project”.  Featuring 27 of the best musicians from 5 different continents, this album features a pure collaboration of the highest musicianship. It is truly a statement of cultural understanding.

Alex is best known for his work as a legendary metal guitarist in the band Testament, and as the eclectic jazz guitarist that can blur the lines of genre. This album  definitely shows his virtuosity on the instrument, (Check out “Playa La Ropa”, featuring a blistering solo from Alex as well as Rodrigo y Gabriella), but also shows his skills as a world-class composer and arranger.

Be sure to check out Planetary Coalition on ArtistShare to gain insight into Alex Skolnick’s unique approach to music and how this collaboration came together.

See what others are saying about Planetary Coalition:

“Alex Skolnick has done a splendid job on Planetary Coalition, delivering memorable pan-global collaborations with top international world music talent”  – World Music Central

“Alex Skolnick’s Planetary Coalition breaks all the rules.” – The Village Voice

“New Planetary Coalition album is just sheer genius. World/jazz fusion, all-star cast, brilliant sound.”- The Jazz PhD, Creative Source

Gil Evans Project's Lines of Color For Consideration in the 58th Grammy Awards
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We are proud to announce that we have submitted the BlueNote/ArtistShare release, Lines of Color, by the Gil Evans Project for consideration in the Grammy Awards. The album has been submitted in the following categories:

Large Ensemble Album
Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella (How High The Moon)
Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals (Can’t We Talk It Over)
Instrumental Composition (Gypsy Jump)
Improvised Jazz Solo (Mat Jodrell-Davenport Blues)

Lines of Color is the softmore release from the Grammy Award winning ensemble, the Gil Evans Project, under the meticulous leadership of Ryan Truesdell, an accomplished composer and arranger in his own right. The Gil Evans Project's first fan-funded recording, Centennial, was nominated for 3 Grammy awards in 2013, and won a Grammy for Best Instrumental Arrangement (How About You; Gil Evans, arranger).

This year, we have once again submitted a fantastic new album from the Gil Evans Project, their first live recording and their first release on the BlueNote/ArtistShare label. Brian Camelio says, “The BlueNote/ArtistShare partnership is groundbreaking, as it is the first partnership between a major label and a crowdfunding platform. I would love to see our newest release, Lines of Color [Gil Evans Project], receive the recognition that it deserves”

The album features live performances of never-before-heard Gil Evans arrangements and compositions. This is a collection of music that allows long-time fans to re-discover a new side of Gil Evans' music as well as introduces this master composer to the current generation. Project participants can access Ryan Truesdell's creative process as he discovers, studies, and interprets these new works from the great Gil EVans

ArtistShare Submits Maria Schneider's The Thompson Fields to 58th Grammy Awards For Consideration
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Maria Schneider’s newest studio recording, The Thompson Fields, has been submitted for consideration in the 58th Grammy Awards in the following categories:

Album of the Year
Improvised Jazz Solo (Steven Wilson – Nimbus)
Improvised Jazz Solo (Greg Gisbert – The Monarch and the Milkweed)
Large Jazz Ensemble Album
Instrumental Composition (The Thompson Fields)
Recording Package
Engineered Album, Non- Classical

In 2005 Maria made Grammy History, winning an award for Concert in the Garden in the Best Large Ensemble category, making her the first artist to win a Grammy for an album that was only sold through an on-line store. Since then, the ever-evolving composer has won a Grammy for Best Instrumental Composition (Cerulean Skies from Sky Blue) and Best Classical Composition  (title track from Winter Morning Walks). Her Winter Morning Walks album also won Best Classical Engineered Album and Best Classical Vocal Solo for Dawn Upshaw’s performance on the title track.

Now, in 2015, Maria Schneider returns with a brand new studio recording, The Thompson Fields. This album is not only her newest album, but it is the Maria Schneider Orchestra’s first studio recording in eight years. This band sounds better than ever, refreshed, and with a collection of Maria’s best new writing. Many of these pieces have been in the works for several years, and ArtistShare fans have been able to watch each of these pieces transform from start to finish.

The music on The Thompson Fields truly reflects Maria Schneider’s growth as a composer; it is a culmination of every aspect that influences her creative life. Not only does the music create images of hearing music at a Brazilian school for the first time, or landscapes of Maria’s hometown in Minnesota, but the music shines a spotlight on the people who have become an essential part of her music, the fans and her band. There are four pieces on The Thompson Fields commissioned by her ArtistShare participants.

ArtistShare and the Grammy Awards
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This year we submitted nine new fan-funded recordings for consideration in the 58th Grammy Awards. In the past decade, ArtistShare recordings have received nine Grammy Awards and eighteen Grammy nominations. ArtistShare made history in 2005 when Maria Schneider’s Concert in The Garden, received a Grammy for Best Large Ensemble Album, making it the first recording to win a Grammy Award without being available in traditional retail stores.

ArtistShare released a number of historic firsts this year. The Gil Evans Project recorded their first live album, Lines of Color, and metal guitar legend, Alex Skolnick, produced Planetary Coalition, his first acoustic world music collaboration. John Clayton released a recording made with his musical mentor, Hank Jones, for the Parlor Series Vol. II, and Maria Schneider released The Thompson Fields, the first studio recording of her 18-piece jazz orchestra in eight years. Doug Beavers, The Requinte Trio (featuring Janis Siegel, Nanny Assis, and John Di Martino), and the Koppel+Colley+Blade Collective also released their first ArtistShare fan-funded recordings this year.

ArtistShare connects fans and artists through unique shared experiences. In 2008 Maria Schneider even invited one of her ArtistShare Premium Participants, a fan from New York, to attend the Grammy Awards ceremony with her. Fans are an essential part of the artists’ creative processes and his or her success in releasing new recordings. A Grammy Award for an ArtistShare release is not only a celebration of the artists’ achievements, but also a celebration of the fans that become a part of the musical journey.

Letizia Gambi Sends Thank You to Blue Monday Participants
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Letizia Gambi is in the studio recording music for her Blue Monday Project, produced by the legendary Grammy-Winning Lenny White! Check out her  video on facebook below to hear what she is working on. Thank you to all the participants so far, you are an essential part of Letizia's creative process. To learn more about how you can join Letizia on this creative journey, click here:

Welcome to Blue Monday

Posted by Letizia Gambi on Monday, August 24, 2015


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